The PoogoStick is the fastest, most user-friendly way to pick up your pet's poop

  • No stooping to scoop

  • No clogging and no mess

  • No sticking your hand in a bag or
    depositing waste in a messy bucket

For Cats and Dogs

Revolutionizing the pooper scooper market, the PoogoStick is designed for both cat and dog owners. How is that possible?

  • The PoogoStick's innovative design works just as effectively on dog poop in the yard as it does on cat waste in the litter box
  • Use the PoogoStick to pick up your pet's waste on any of these surfaces:
  • Grass

  • Dirt

  • Cat Litter

  • And more!

Watch the PoogoStick in action

How to assemble and store your PoogoStick

How the PoogoStick works on the wet stuff!

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